Piippo Big Square Baler Twines

More meters - more bales - lower costs.

Contractors from New Zealand to Finland have been using Piippo Twine for four decades. High and constant knot strength enables tighter bales and lower transport costs. Thanks to Piippo´s special firm film technology, Piippo twines offer 10 – 20 % longer runnage per kilo with the same specified breaking strength, compared to the competitors. Thus, Piippo can offer a top-quality twine at a very competitive meter price.

A soft twine and tight tolerances are both evidence of high quality. Baler knotters live longer, thanks to a soft type of twine. Firm strength and stable thickness of the twine contribute to uninterrupted and efficient baling in the field.

Piippo twines offer a guaranteed runnage per meter and per pack. This means, for example, that Piippo Big Square Baler Twine runs exactly 130m/kg, whereas the commonly sold “Type 130” twines may run anything between 100 m/kg and 120 m/kg.

From our large twine selection, you will find the right twine for all type of balers and conditions. Please download our brochure for further information:

Baler twines (PDF)