A well-known classic twine made in Finland.  Household twine is a general twine for all kinds of light binding. The twine is made from polypropylene film. 
The special braiding of our flag lines makes them rigid and inelastic. This rope also has excellent weather/UV resistance.  
A long-time favorite for any household.  Piippo clothes lines can be found in a wide range of different colours and materials. A popular choice for households that want a long-lasting clothes line.  
Our vertical blind cord is manufactured from braided polyester. Very good UV resistance. A reliable choice for professionals.  
Polyester string is used in handicrafts, clothing and many other household activities. This durable string is made from a pleasant polyester multifilament.  
Butcher’s twines are for all your kitchen needs! Butcher’s twines are made from cotton and are a must have item in any well-equipped kitchen. These strong twines are ideal for cooking food as well as for arts and crafts. Eac…
Our large garden nets cover big areas easily. They are designed typically for berry bushes and have a bird-friendly mesh size of 25 mm x 25 mm.