High-quality ropes for demanding use

High quality polyester ropes that are ideal, for example, for boating and fishing. Due to their textile surfaces these high-quality ropes are comfortable and easy to handle. Polyester ropes sink in water. High-quality ropes are suitable for outdoor use in demanding conditions. Excellent UV resistance. UV resistance class 5/5*.


Product numberProduct category ColorMaterialDiam. mmBreaking strength/kgFloat./Sink.UV resistanceLength m
658026High-quality rope for demanding useWhiteBraided polyester6720Sinking5/525
658027High-quality rope for demanding useWhiteBraided polyester6720Sinking5/540
658029High-quality rope for demanding useWhiteBraided polyester4280Sinking5/530

* UV resistance class 5/5 of the rope breaking strength decreases by half in about three years under intense UV radiation.