Rope bundles

A comprehensive range of ropes – ready packaged for self-service. This versatile range is designed to fulfil the needs of the end user. Rope bundles are easy for retailers to display in store. Packaged ropes are made from polyethylene, polypropylene, polypropylene multifilament, polyester or natural fibers. Detailed material information is contained in the following product data table.

Self-service range includes, for example, clothes lines, flag lines, butchers twines (p. 26 household twines), towing ropes and starting ropes (p. 29 motoring).

Product numberDiam. mmLength mBreaking strength/kg
650023Polyethylene orange25060
650033Polyethylene orange350100
650035Polyethylene orange3100100
651030Rope for fishnet polyethylene orange3130100
650043Polyethylene orange450180
650053Polyethylene orange550290
650063Polyethylene orange650590
650075Polypropylene multifilament white with red marks515340
650076Polypropylene multifilament white with blue marks615380
650077Polypropylene multifilament yellow with marks420250
650078Polypropylene multifilament red with marks520365
650079Polypropylene multifilament blue with marks620560
650081Polypropylene blue and yellow815490
650083Polypropylene blue and yellow825490
650090Polypropylene blue and yellow850490
650102Polypropylene blue and yellow10251310
650120Polypropylene blue and yellow12151910
650121Polypropylene blue and yellow12251910