Piippo Is Launching A New Version of Hybrid Net Wrap


Piippo is launching a new version of Hybrid net wrap. The new Hybrid has a length of 4600 meters, making it the longest net wrap in the market. With the longest roll you can bale from dawn to dusk and save time without changing rolls. The high tensile strength of Hybrid ensures symmetric and long-lasting round bales. The tensile strength is up to about 15-20% higher than the standard nets in the market. Hybrid 4600 is the result of a many years of product development and it is suitable for the most common round balers in the market.

Hybrid 4600 m. The longest and strongest.

Hybrid lengths of 2600 m and 4000 m still remain in production. The new 4600 m net wrap will be launched domestically in March 2017 in co-operation with retailers.