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Piippo Round baling – A special additive improves the twine’s attachment to the bale

The operational reliability of the round baler twines lowers costs by up to a fourth.

The operational reliability and guaranteed length of the round baler twines lower the costs by up to a fourth compared to competitors’ twines. Thanks to a special additive, the twine fibres stay better attached to the curved surface of the round bale. Piippo offers a number of twine types for round baling.

  • Dimensions and specifications
Real runnage m /roll Double pack lenght Diameter / height Colour
Round Bale 600 3000 m 6000 m 245 / 265 Blue
Triathlon 700 3500 m 7000 m 245 / 265 Blue
Long Champ 850 4250 m 8500 m 245 / 265 Blue
Marathon 1000 5000 m 10 000 m 245 / 265 Blue

Piippo® baler twines are suitable for all balers and known for their ease of use, strength and reliability. The properties of the twine make it very soft, which as much as doubles the service life of the tying machine. Good knot strength ensures that the knots in the bale will be maintained also under rough handling and winter storage.

The product specification indicates the actual running meters, not only nominal dimensions. This ensures that a farmer can choose the correct twine for the prevailing baling conditions. Piippo twine runs even up to 25 % more meters in kilo compared to standard twine types on the market, offering great saving for the users.