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The new generation premium netwrap means lower overall costs and less waste.

Tight feed bales that can withstand storage and transportation require an especially high breaking strength from the bale netwrap and, to an increasing degree, durable UV resistance. Piippo’s multi-year product development, production skills, continuous product testing and global cooperation network have created a sound foundation for the success story of the Hybrid NG product concept. The strong Hybrid NG netwrap allows you to wrap a single bale with considerably less netwrap than the standard netwraps on the markets. This lowers overall costs and reduces the amount of waste.

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Multicore: The baling net wrap speads even better than before. One size fits into all types of balers from all manufacturers with a width of 1.23 and 1.25 metres.

Green Cap: The Green Cap® system makes the installation of the net wrap easy. The net goes smoothly in the right direction at once. This eliminates unnecessary lifting. The green marking on the net indicates the right direction of rotation.

Easy lifters: “Easy lifters” are carry handles which make lifting the roll easy and ergonomic.

SuperCore: Light rain is not a problem for this core that retains its reliability also in difficult conditions. Thanks to SuperCore, the cores will no longer stick in the trays. Inside each core, there is a unique quality control number according to which the production time can be identified.

Double End Warning Stripe: The first stripe catches your attention 50 metres before the end of the roll. For the last 25 metres, the second stripe appears next to the first one, clearly and precisely indicating the end of the roll.

Double palletizing: The net wrap rolls are always packed on two pallets, which are placed on top of each other and wrapped with plastic. The pallets can be easily separated for transport or warehousing.

Packaging: Recycled and recyclable material.

  • Hybrid NG is the longest and strongest net wrap
  • The weaving and raw materials allow you to produce the longest roll
  • High UV protection
  • 0 % waste or by-products created in manufacture
  • Contains a significant percentage of recycled material
  • Keeps the bale intact with up to 15 to 20% less net wrap than standard net wraps on the market
  • A roll of 4,000 metre in length allows you to bale up to 400 bales (diameter 1.5 m) raw material composition makes it easy to cut the net wrap
  • More metres, fewer rolls, less packaging waste, lower freight costs.
Width Lengths
1,23 m / 1,25 m 2600 m, 4000 m ja 4600m
Extra 1,30 m 2600 m ja 4000 m

The correct driving technique ensures that the bales will be regular shaped. Zigzagging and sloping should be avoided as this will produce round bales.

The best result is achieved by driving about 30 metres straight down the other edge of the windrow, followed by a steep turn in the direction of the opposite edge. After that, another 30 metres of driving straight.