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Sustainability is a journey, not a destination

Agriculture has a significant role to play in meeting the global challenges of the growing world population and climate change. Our part in the food value chain is small, but all the more important. We take seriously our responsibility to make sustainable choices and develop better solutions.


We understand that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. That’s why we have Conscious Compass to help us move forward with the strength and determination of our whole working community. We proceed step by step, constantly looking for new places to improve in the light of updated knowledge. As Piippo, we want to represent a reliable and responsible alternative for you and other conscious pioneers.

Conscious Compass


Maximize the positive impact of our products

The biggest impact of our products comes from the success of the harvesting chain. It’s all about ensiling the values of roughage and minimising waste – not just in feed produced, but also in terms of the raw materials, energy and waste in production. We are determined to move towards a circular economy, while keeping our eyes firmly on the needs of farmers and the features of our products.

Optimize the nutritional value of silage

We will do all we can to support the critical role of agriculture to feed the world’s growing population. In addition to our baling products, we serve the agro-industry by openly sharing our expertise and providing value-added services that make their work easier and improve their performance.

Improve operational and environmental performance

In our production processes, we aim to improve overall efficiency through energy use, optimization of material flows and circular economy. Our certified quality and environmental management systems are our guides and tools for moving forward.

Promote well-being at work

We understand that our success relies on our people. That’s why it’s important for us to be a responsible employer and to look after the wellbeing, working conditions and financial security of our professionals. Our certified health and safety management system is the basis for our development work among the Piippo community.