Hybrid Net Wrap

The longest and strongest net wrap

As a result of high quality raw material and distinguished manufacturing process, we can produce the strongest net wrap in the market with a breaking strength of 290 kgf – 320 kgf. A lighter weight per gram makes it possible to produce a roll of 4600 m in length and under 44 kg in weight. Furthermore, as the diameter of the roll is less than 29 cm, Hybrid net wrap will fit into all types of balers.

Thanks to extremely high breaking resistance and UV resistance, the tightest bales can be wrapped without any risk of bale bursting. Hybrid net wrap is even 15 - 20 % stronger than standard net wraps in the market, which means that less material is needed per bale and more money can be saved.

Using longer rolls gives less down time and more baling in the field. Reduced amounts of packaging material and plastic waste make Hybrid net wrap a greener option for baling. Having more length per pallet equals to significantly lower transport and warehousing costs.


Width Lengths


1,23 m / 1,25 m


2600, 4000 and 4600 meters



1,30 m


2600 and 4000 meters

Premium Hybrid Net Wrap offers also the following benefits for the end user:

Easy Coverage System 2 is a patented method that makes the net spread evenly on the bale. Symmetric and uniform bales are easier to store. ECS2 also protects the bale from harmful moisture and increases the quality and preservability of the crop.

Double palletizing
The net wrap rolls are always packed on two pallets, which are placed on top of each other and wrapped with plastic. The pallets can be easily separated for transport or warehousing.

Green Cap – The Green Cap® system makes the installation of the net wrap easy. The net goes smoothly in the right direction at once. This eliminates unnecessary lifting. The green marking on the net indicates the right direction of rotation.

Double End Warning Stripe
The first stripe catches your attention 50 metres before the end of the roll. For the last 25 metres, the second stripe appears next to the first one, clearly and precisely indicating the end of the roll.

The net wrap package is also of high quality. The weatherproof bag, sealed at both ends, makes storage easy both on the farm and in the store.

Light rain is not a problem for this core that retains its reliability also in difficult conditions. Thanks to SuperCore, the cores will no longer stick in the trays. Inside each core, there is a unique quality control number according to which the production time can be identified.

Easy lifters
“Easy lifters” are carry handles which make lifting the roll easy and ergonomic. The lifters are quick to remove and they can be recycled.

Guaranteed length
Hybrid Net Wrap comes with a guaranteed length instead of -/+ tolerance.

Greener world
More metres, fewer rolls, less weight – all of these will help to save money and protect the nature.