Synthetic railing and decorative ropes are a safe and long-lasting choice. The popularity of hampex can be explained by the durable and resistant material. Made with modern technology, the synthetic hampex looks like genuine hemp.

All of our railing and decorative ropes are suitable for outdoor use and are totally maintenance free. These ropes will not shrink or mildew and the UV resistance is very high. We recommend them for those looking for easy, long-lasting and attractive railing ropes. Please take a look at our expanded range of railing rope accessories which can be found on the following page.

Remember to follow all local safety regulations if you plan to install a rope as a handrail in any building.


Product numberProductDiam. mmLength app. m/coilApp. kg/coilBreaking strength/kg
689067Hampex natural1222013,91350
689060Hampex natural354018,49000
689061Black (Polypropylene multifilament)364020,815000
689070White (Polypropylene multifilament)364020,815000
689071Silver Gray (Polypropylene multifilament)364020,815000
689072Hampex natural, Also available in meters!352201029000
689073Black (Polypropylene multifilament), Also available in meters!3622011515000
Self-service packages
689074Hampex natural35639000
689075Black (Polypropylene multifilament)366315000
689076Hampex natural351059000
689077Black (Polypropylene multifilament)3610515000