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Uncertain times challenge us to find even more sustainable solutions

The times we are living in are exceptional and uncertain. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the situation of both individuals and our entire industry in various ways, such as from the point of view of logistics. However at the same time, our production has advanced as planned, which means that, so far, we have managed these unprecedented times exceptionally well.

This year has required significant adaptation and resourcefulness from our employees. Above all, a desire to succeed in what we do has been the key. Our employees and their families have had tough times – still we need to move forward.

We have less land fit for farming, energy and water at our disposal while the population continues to grow. The world needs agriculture and no feed should be wasted. These times have also highlighted the need for continuous development, agility and sustainability. In our daily work, we must ensure that we see as far ahead as possible and that we can respond to sudden and unexpected changes.

However, continuous development and innovation of new things must not erase the fact that this work is carried out together with farmers. We must ensure that the outcome is the best possible one for farmers. Customer-orientation is one of the leading principles of our company, and we take a hands-on approach to the development work. Even though the current travel restrictions impose a challenge on movement, this season we are testing the new baling net wrap line and square baler twines for the export markets.

Agriculture must change along with the rest of the world – in the coming years, the entire industry must be able to respond to the ecological challenge. For the time being, Piippo stands out when it comes to product development, but we also invite our competitors to join the development work that is carried out with the environment and recycling in mind.

Our baling net wrap products have been among the most ecological products the market can offer and we want this to be the case in the future as well. Compared to standard nets, using our baling net wrap saves up to 30 per cent in plastic materials and decreases the overall costs. Compared to the new net replacement films on the market, using high-quality baling net wrap is a significantly more economical and ecological solution, which is often forgotten amid new marketing campaigns. By using high-quality baling net wrap, the quality of feed remains high and there is no loss.

This is how we will succeed in our mission together of not wasting any feed in the future.


Jukka Keisanen